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There are many reasons why you might need to hire a pet cage for a short time.
Fostering kittens and puppies, recovery after surgery or keeping your own pets apart for a short time.
Maybe pet sitting for someone or maybe they are looking after your pet, even going on holiday.

If you require a cage for a longer duration, ask about our sales service.  We deliver Perth Metro Area.

Mobile Cages

They go where you Go!

For a cage to be where you want it to be, take it with you inside & outside.

Ideal for post surgery long term confinement, and to move around the house. 

Comes with lockable safety wheels.

How to Assemble the Pet Crate

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Collapsible Cages


Easy to assemble but strong and secure. Easy to fold down for transportation and storage.

Cages for Hire

Our Most Popular Cage is the 36 inch Mobile / Wheels.  It is light and easy to move around.  It comes in both solid and collapsible type of cages.

New Cages for Sale

We stock new cages mobile and static, collapsible and solid.  We also take custom orders to deliver to your door. From 24" to suit Chihuahua to the largest 48" German Shepherd. 

About us

At Pet Cage Hire, we lead lives full of the unconditional love and happiness we receive from the furballs we get to spend time with everyday and we have this beautiful city and all the beautiful people in it to thank. We love you and your pups!!

  • We originally started Kitty Kat RnR for recovery solutions for cats and small animals. We stock high quality cages that are not sold locally. Until we recently attended an event organised by Baldivis Veterinary Clinic, many cat owners were happy to learn that a local business offers cage hires to help recovery and recuperation for their felines.  Then we were contacted by Perth dog owners who saw the exceptional quality of cages and wanted to hire or purchase them as well. So Pet Cage Hire Perth was born.
  • Coming in many different sizes, with or without wheels, our cages are perfect for puppies, small dogs up to large breeds like German Shepherds. We also get occasional calls from Guinea Pigs to Rabbit owners.   If we do not have your size in stock, we accept special orders to accommodate your pet's needs.
  • What we love about Pet Cage Hire Perth is that we meet individuals and owners that treat their pets as family. We gain not only clients but friends who share the same passion and love that we have for our own furbabies. We love to hear your own fur-stories about your pets when we fulfill your order.

What size is right for my dog?

This depends on what you are using the cage for. There are many reasons why you wish to hire for a short term such as pet sitting, injury care, visiting, or training.

If the pet is to be confined for longer hours or overnight, you will need a cage to contain feed and water bowls. With a cat, you will need room for a litter tray.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes - and so do their crates! 

Don’t get a dog crate that is too small

A dog crate must be big enough to allow your dog to:

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    Sit up straight without having crouch their head at all
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    Turn around without a problem
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    Lay down on their side with their paws stretched out

Measure your pet to the highest point on their head and allow at least 15 cm above.  They should have the ability to turn around in the cage.  If unsure, it is better to go a size up.

This is a guide based on Dog Sizes. Depends if your Dog is only in the crate overnight or full time. For Cats, allow room for their litter tray and feeding bowls.

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Static or Mobile

If your cage is going to remain in the one place at all times, a Static would be sufficient. If you need to relocate the cage from family room, to laundry or bedroom, then a Mobile cage is ideal. No strained muscles. 

Be careful when moving the cage not to mark your walls.

Collapsible or Solid Frame

Collapsible is perfect for relocating the cage, traveling, putting in the car or carrying.  For cats and smaller dogs, this is ideal.  For larger, heavier and stronger dogs, we recommend the solid frame.

Do not pick up heavy pets within the cage.  Watch your back.

Train Your Pet

At all times, we recommend training the pet to get used to the crate, prior to leaving them for any length of time. Do not leave them outside, unprotected from the weather.

Always make sure your pet has water when confined.

Why Our Crates Are Better

Our crates have been designed to be stronger than the ones you can purchase at bargain shops or even pet stores.

The easiest way to compare quality, is to check the weight of the cage itself. For example, our largest crate weighs 24kg but the cheaper ones weigh 14-18kg.

You want your crate to last, be strong enough to contain your dog and to ensure they do not hurt themselves within the cage

With larger and stronger dogs, we only sell cages at this time.
Contact us for all custom orders.  | Terms & Conditions

Strong Quality Steel

areas we serve

We cover Perth Metropolitan areas:  

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    Mandurah to Fremantle $15 delivery fee
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    North of Fremantle to Joondalup $30 delivery fee
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    Rockingham area FREE delivery

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